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Find out just why our  3 acre Farmhouse is perfectly situated in the country to work on your marriage without any outside distractions.

Choose From a two, Three or four day Private Intensive

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Here's 4 Reasons to Choose Our Retreat:

  • No nickle & Diming
    Lodging is Included
  • Highly Trained
    Marriage Therapist
  • Very Quiet &
    Peaceful Setting
  • Private Counseling &
    No Groups

Retreat Cost:

2-Day Retreat

Lodging Included
$ 2500
  • Pre-intensive consultation
  • 2-Day Retreat w/ Loding Included
  • Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

3-Day Retreat

Lodging Included
$ 3500
  • Pre-intensive consultation
  • 3-Day Retreat w/ Loding Included
  • Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

4-Day Retreat

Lodging Included
$ 5500
  • Pre-intensive consultation
  • 4-Day Retreat w/ Loding Included
  • Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change


  • Kokomo, Indiana

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Marriage Counseling Retreat Ohio

A marriage retreat can be very beneficial for couples from all walks of life, whether you’re newly weds or you’ve been together for years. Marriage boot camp, as some like to call it offers you a peaceful environment,as well as a beautiful environment coupled with intensive workshops that will take you on the road to recovery.

Marriage retreats are simply an alternative to couples counseling, in fact, some counselors will suggest a marriage retreat if the couple is feeling like couples counseling isn’t benefiting them the way they would like.

There are many reasons couples choose a marriage retreat over couples counseling, some of which may include, less distractions from the outside world like children, work, and other daily stressors. Another reason couples may choose a couples counseling retreat could be because there is much more time to go deeper into the problems in the relationship, rather than talking about one or two topics in a one hour counseling session, you have a couple days, and some couples choose marriage boot camp because you get taught more efficient skills to cope with problems when they do arise. Marriage is something that needs to be worked on every day in order for it to be successful. 

Think of your marriage as a box, when you first begin your journey the box is full. Over time you keep taking stuff out of that box. When the box becomes empty, there is nothing left in it to take out. You have to keep putting things in your marriage box, just as much as you take out of it. You have to keep investing in and working on your marriage the entire time you’re together in order for it to function properly. This is why a marriage retreat is perfect for all couples from every walk of life because it gives you those tools to put in your marriage box.

Many people have quite a few questions when considering a marriage retreat, and in this article we will try to cover most of the frequently asked questions.

Weekend Therapy Retreat Explained?

The most frequently asked question is what is a marriage retreat? Simply put, a couples therapy retreat is a two day workshop designed to restore marriages and teach couples how to communicate openly and effectively. You learned new skills and tools to tackle even the most problematic issues couples have. You learn these skills in a private group setting, so you won’t feel alone in the journey. Some couples make lifelong friends from these retreats.

What Exactly can couples accomplish by attending a weekend counseling retreat near Ohio?

The next question most people ask when considering a marriage retreat is what issues do you address in a marriage retreat? A marriage retreat tackles a wide variety of issues couples generally try to avoid, which means they sometimes don’t get talked about in couples counseling. These topics may include financial issues, sexual tension, parental issues, which are all major stressors in a relationship. These topics are often avoided in a relationship because they cause conflict, in turn, like a pressure cooker breaks that communication that is important in a relationship leading to tension in the home. During your stay at a marriage retreat you will learn the proper way to communicate and problem solve together to avoid reaching that boiling point in the future and restore that communication now.

What Does a Marriage Intensive Boot camp Help With?

This is another question that gets asked a lot. We talked about issues that weekend couples counseling tackles, so what does it help with? Many couples have said it has helped restore the passion they had when they got together.

The exercises you’re given over the course of your stay slowly help you begin to gain trust back building that solid foundation you once had before. Others have said they feel closer than they did when they first arrived at the retreat. Weekend couples counseling also helps restore trust that was once lost due to affairs, lies ect. As you can see weekend couples counseling helps with a great deal of issues.

Benefits of a retreat for married couples?

Couples therapy retreats can benefit any couple in any phase of their relationship, whether they are newly weds or they have been together for years ,there are many tools you can gain from a couples therapy retreat that will benefit you for years to come, the more you know, the better of a chance you have at a long lasting marriage. But there are signs you should look for that indicate a marriage retreat is just what the doctor ordered, these signs include but are not limited to,

  • Talk or thoughts of divorce
  • Thinking of or have had an affair
  • Feeling more like roommates than a married couple
  • Constant conflict or arguing
  • Loss of passion in the relationship
  • Spending less time together
  • In a rut, monotony

If you’re seeing any if these pop up in your life a marriage retreat just might save your marriage.

Secular non religious Couples Retreat vs. Christian Marital Retreat?

Another question that gets asked often is the differences between a religious and and non religious marital retreat. For the most part a Christian marital retreat bases it’s principals off of the bible and teaches you how to have a godly marriage. As for a non religious marital retreat, they focus less in the godly part of the marriage and more on the therapeutic part of the marriage.

As you can clearly see a marriage retreat is the perfect way to rekindle your lost love whether you and your spouse have been together for a couple months or decades. A weekend couples counseling retreat is the perfect way to infuse love and passion back into your marriage. With the activities you will be asked to participate in you will learn how to clearly and productively communicate with each other in a meaningful way that will leave a lasting impact on your marriage. If you happen to be on the brink of divorce consider a marriage retreat with your loved one and enjoy the benefits of a marriage retreat.